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    Three cheers for the Robbie Rabbit books! We're extremely impressed with these books. Children in out-of-home care identify with the characters and realistic storylines. The foster care story touches on a few universal events that children in care usually experience, and it shows how Robbie deals with these events. We ended up ordering several Robbie Trail Through Foster Care books for the new foster parents who finished our STARS training. The response has been terrific. Worth every penny.
    — Resource Coordinator,
    Catholic Charities of
    Kansas City-St. Joseph; KC, MO

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    Helps a child 'in the system' understand. Robbie's Trail Through Adoption helps children finally understand how they got to the point of adoption and the role everyone has played in helping them get there. The story is excellent. I also really like the activities. They give children the sense that they are not the only ones going through this, and that someone really does understand what they are feeling.
    — Program Supervisor,
    Special Needs Adoption;
    Lutheran Social Services; Madison, WI

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    We were so impressed that we ordered more. Finally, we have something that we can share with children that opens doors to conversation about this confusing time in their lives. We were so impressed with the quality of these materials that we ordered several copies to give to our new foster parents. Everyone on staff is pleased.
    — Sr. Social Worker,
    Shenandoah Valley Social Services;
    Verona, VA

Former foster child offers multiple resources to help children who are having a tough time

Adam Robe, abandoned at age five, is now a child welfare professional and author dedicated to helping children in need.

In 2008, he created the Robbie Rabbit™ books for children having a tough time in life. Initially, the topics were targeted to foster and/or adoption-eligible children. However, in 2012, the series expanded to cover a number of other significant life experiences (such as divorce) that often are troublesome for children.

With more than 20 years' experience as a child welfare professional, Adam provides excellent insight into the minds of foster and adopted children, while delivering valuable suggestions and practical solutions for adults who seek help in working with these children.

Know a child having a tough time?

Check out the Robbie Rabbit™ books, which are designed to:

  • Help children adjust better to tough changes in life
  • Promote communication between the child and the important people in his life
  • Gain insight into a child's feelings and interpretation of the world around him


Robbie's Trail Through Divorce

Learn more about our latest release, which helps children with their parents’ divorce.

Robbie's Trail through Divorce